As a producer, I take a seed of an idea and turn it into reality. I've produced everything from high-budget 30 second commercials, low-budget 1 hour documentaries to no-budget non-profit initiatives. 

Storyteller & Curator

A Peabody award winning producer, I know what makes an engaging storyI've delved into hundreds of topics including Martin Luther King  Jr.'s love of music, space, Amazon parrots, and athlete and double amputee Oscar Pistorius (before he was a convicted murderer). 


With meticulous research I've prepped interviews with dozens of notable figures such as NASA astrophysicist Dr. Michelle Thaller, Malcolm Gladwell, Philip Roth, Wynton Marsalis, Slash, Norah Jones and Anthony Hopkins.


Art by Pedro Lavin, inspired by Nightmare: Malaria